Hyatt Diamond and SPG Platinum Mattress Runs

On July 31st, 2016, I had an epiphany- I wanted Hyatt Diamond status. I knew that we had some awesome trips planned at full-service Hyatts, like the Andaz 5th Avenue and the Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta, and wanted to top-notch treatment that I had been reading about forever. Then, I received a promotion halfway through my “mattress run” for double elite credits at SPG hotels, putting me within reach of Platinum for the next year and a half with Starwood. I had to do both.

How To Get Hyatt Diamond Status in a Month

1. Live in a Cheap Place

Phoenix is a rough proxy to the surface of the sun in the summer months. It’s rarely below 100 degrees, and in the summer, I found hotels often under $100, sometimes even below $60. The Phoenix-area has 6 Hyatt Places and one Hyatt House. That’s where I would do the bulk of my stays, as they were the cheapest options. However, I did try to mix in some hotels I could actually use, like ones near the airport if I had an early flight.

2. Use Corporate Codes

These saved me at least 10% a night, and sometimes 20%-30%. Check out this link for a list of many. Beware- you must be able to use the codes validly- like being an employee or doing business with the company.

3. Be a Travel Agent

Since I do earn a commission on booked hotels, even my own travels, I earned 10% back on all my stays. Obviously, not a tip for everyone, but if you do a lot of travel, it often can pay for itself.

4. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

I used eBay to find gift cards up to 20% off, which really saved me bundles.

Here’s a list of where I stayed:

Night 1: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 2: Hyatt Place Phoenix/Mesa

Night 3: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 4: Hyatt Place Phoenix-Mesa

Night 5: Hyatt Place Tempe/Phoenix Airport

Night 6: Hyatt Place Scottsdale/Old Town

Night 7: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 8: Hyatt Place Phoenix/Mesa

Night 9: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 10: Hyatt Place Tempe/Phoenix Airport

Night 11: Hyatt Regency Albuquerque (Cash + Points)

Night 12: Hyatt Place Albuquerque Airport

Night 13: Hyatt Place Albuquerque/Uptown

Night 14: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 15: Hyatt Place Phoenix/Mesa

Night 16: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 17: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 18: Hyatt Place Tempe/Phoenix Airport

Night 19: Hyatt Place Tucson Airport

Night 20: Hyatt Place Tempe/Phoenix Airport

Night 21: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

Night 22: Hyatt Place Phoenix/Mesa

Night 23: Hyatt Regency Phoenix

Night 24: Hyatt House Seattle/Downtown

Night 25: Hyatt Place Phoenix-North

After you factor in all the discounts I received, and the points I earned from this mileage run, I spent about $1370, to receive about a 1 1/2 years of Diamond status. This means 1,000 points at every full-service Hyatt when I check-in, and the classic Diamond treatment. For me, and my travel schedule, this makes all the sense in the world to do.

SPG Platinum Status

Thankfully, SPG Platinum was pretty easy to earn, as we had a road trip coming up with multiple one-night stays. It only required me to do two under-$60 mattress runs to meet the Platinum threshold, plus a few hotel switches when we were actually staying in the same city for the weekend (I’m looking at you, Aloft and Element Boston Seaport!).

As I said, most of the stays were pretty unmemorable. I did find that the Four Points by Sheraton Eastham on Cape Cod had quite the number of amenities for a “selective service” property, including tennis courts, basketball, and two pools!

What Have I Gotten For My Status So Far?

Since becoming Hyatt Diamond, I’ve received a room upgrade at the Andaz 5th Avenue, and over $500 in room service breakfast, for free, as well as 1,000 points. I received top-tier mLife Platinum status in Las Vegas, which got us a suite at the Monte Carlo when we stayed there, as well as rooms under $100, plus 1,000 bonus Hyatt points. I received a nicer corner room at the Hyatt Regency Savannah, and breakfast for 4 ($112 value), plus 1,000 points. Finally, I received a bottle of wine, a bottle of champagne, and two food items that I’ll value at $50, plus daily breakfast for two days ($100) at the Hyatt Regency Suites Atlanta Northwest. Not valuing the upgrades, that’s over $780 worth of benefits already.

Since becoming SPG Platinum, I’ve received a suite at the Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain, and breakfast. Plus, I received daily breakfast and a suite upgrade at the Westin La Paloma. These benefits alone have made my minor hassle completely worth it, but now that SPG and Marriott have merged, I now have top-tier Marriott Platinum status as well! That means I’ve received United MileagePlus Silver status, which can get me upgrades when I fly, a free bag, and EconomyPlus seating the day of travel. Totally worth it!

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